Gary Matthews had my car for 4 months ran $900 over quote and then I call to tell them I'm coming to pick up my car 4 days in advance and arrive to find the car not even completely put together yet. They never even bothered to look at it before they told me it was good to go.

The parts were in the trunk. So I take the car home mad and get home to find that they did'nt even have all the parts in the trunk. They are an hour and a half from me so now I have to make another 3 hour round trip to get the parts so I can put it back together after paying them so much money.

Not only was I overcharged to fix this car but I'm now having to do the work myself. They made no attempt to remedy this situation other than saying, "we'll see if we can schedule it in to get it looked at." Yeah, cause I haven't allready waited long enough!!!!!

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